The Benefits of Hosted VoIP Telephony using Babblevoice

For about two years now Forza IT has been recommending, deploying and supporting hosted VoIP telephony solutions based on Babblevoice. If you have a reliable broadband connection and a router that supports Quality of Service (if you don’t we can help with that too!) then you too can lower your telephony costs and take the stress out of managing a telephone system by moving to this hosted platform.  Whether you have 1 member of staff or 500+ Babblevoice is flexible, scalable, reliable, cost effective and fully featured.

Babblevoice offers all known telephony functions such as:

  • Conference calling
  • Voice mail (and voice mail to email)
  • Call hunting
  • Call groups
  • Interactive voice response menu’s
  • Choice of SIP Handsets or the use of Softphone’s or IOS/Android SIP clients.
  • Call recording
  • Non-geographical meaning that phone numbers can be purchased from any geographic region. If a presence is required in Aberdeen, Birmingham and Croydon phone numbers with the relevant prefix can be used.

and also implements a range of new and exciting features designed to improve user productivity such as:

  • Natural language rule creation: The system can be configured in natural English. Instead of entering a bewildering sequence of numbers and characters to simply divert calls to voicemail, babblevoice users simply create rules that for example “ring my extension for 30 seconds and if I don’t answer, send the call to voicemail”.
  • Calendar Event Checking:  Users can ask babblevoice to make decisions about calls based on calendar events (such as Google Calendar or any iCal compatible calendar). For example, if Bob’s calendar says he is in a meeting from 2 till 4, babblevoice can send callers in that period to another user or voice mail, otherwise Bob’s extension will ring.  Out of hours call rules can also be created to take advantage of Babblevoice’s ability to interrogate Calendars.
  • Users can quickly and easily create a teleconference room and distribute details to participants. Conferences can be recorded and the call can even be transcribed into a Word document.
  • Multi UK based Data-centre hosting:  If any of the Babblevoice data centres goes down then functionality automatically fails over to another data-centre elsewhere in the UK.

We believe that by choosing Forza IT and Babblevoice that your business can reduce its telephony costs whilst enjoying a hosted VoIP solution that gives you all the functionality and flexibility your business needs.

Please feel free to contact us for more information or to request a demonstration.


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